Finest flooring adds even beauty to the living space. There are many types of flooring. Hard surface flooring is made by our flooring specialists. Hardwood floors are not only beautiful to view but even found to be tough for longer years. Finest installation is made at the floors and corners are given precise finish. Others include Bamboo flooring, Ceramic flooring and Marble flooring. Indoor flooring has been made to an exceptional look. Indoor as well outdoor flooring is prepared for a distinguished design and execution.

Led Lights

There is different type of lights arranged. Spot lights for reading and also other kind called diffused lights can also be seen. These diffused lighted space can be used for the parties or any family functions at home. Interior designers knows about house owners preferences and have made the lighting arrangement in a more artistic manner. Designed lights arranged at the living room hence you can engage in happy conversation with your family members. Light disperse amazingly adding attraction to the walls and floors. Designers have utilised every other wall to bring the grandeur presence with lighting arrangement.


Partitions can be arranged as per the house owner's convenience. This can be arranged at the living room or any other preferred locations for meeting the guest. Partition ideas can be discussed with our Interior designers. Every design brings you in amazement. Space is managed effectively hence every members enjoys being at home more comfortably. Privacy walls is built and also the light arrangements corresponding to it, is installed therein. Entertainment equipments can be arranged in the sense, it does not affect with sound to any neighboring people. Each zones of your homes brings you in much calmness.

False Ceiling

False ceiling adds to aesthetic sense even. Different lighting arrangement is made as per the conveniences. Gypsum plasterboards utilised to an elegant finish. Corner edges can be conic or squared or does include extended decorations. Having a conversation beneath at this space is more enjoyable enough. Air conditioners can be fitted at the perfect corners wherein the space is priorly arranged. The ceiling space is the perfect match to the floors and the walls though there is contrary colours.

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Surfaces of the walls are prepared for a better hold while painting. New kind of painting techniques considered hence there will be a smooth finish. Walls are actually prepped before making to a painting. We have added the textures to the wall with the venetian plasters. Painting is performed with various modern techniques to better texture and evenness can be observed. Interior walls includes the finest colours, which calms your mind, the moment you enter herein. The calm expression of colours cannot be taken out of sight easily.

Modular Kitchen

State of the art modular kitchen developed with spacious wardrobes, decorative glasses and handles. This space is developed by a specialist who implement German and Italian modular kitchen concepts. There is immense space for walking and dining hence avoiding to congestion. Lighting arrangement is made near the cabinet shelves hence the whole picture looks delightful. There are finest technology utilised for smart reserve of culinary items. Finest woods are utilised for the kitchen cabinets. There is beautiful contrast to the walls. Every day culinary preparations and dining therein is awesome with our distinguished modular kitchen works.

Office Furniture

Experts in Ergonomics, definers of space and passionate about design. For the last five decades, VGC Groups has taken inspiration from contemporary aesthetic movements to re-imagine office spaces. Leaders in innovation, we provide economic solutions to tackle the challenges faced in the modern office. Maintaining productivity, defining comfort at work, encouraging interaction.


Wardrobes are smartly developed for the best utilisation of every space. Wide wardrobes is developed with ultra modern designs. Colour of the wood brings in much attention even with designs as part of interiors. Hardwoods are used hence mattering to durability. Finest finishes made to every doors and drawers. It becomes regular and enjoyable part of your life to store books, arrange clothes and documents. There is special space for keeping office items.

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