We offer the following construction products / systems

  • Admixtures (Retarders, Plasticizers, Super plasticizers & hyper plasticizers),
  • Curing compounds and mould releasing agents,
  • Cementations / Epoxy / Polyester resin based grouts,
  • Acrylic / SBR / Epoxy based bonding agents,
  • Silicone / Polysulphide / Polyurethane / Acrylic sealants,
  • Industrial joint treatments (Epoxy-polysulphide, polysulphide, polyurethane),
  • Construction joint treatments (PVC rubber stop, Waterswelling bars,
  • Reinjectible hoses, watertight sealing tapes),
  • Tile adhesive / grout,
  • Waterproofing (Cementations, crystallization, PU based bitumen, spray Applied PU membrane and TPO/PVC membranes),
  • Injections (Cementations, acrylic, epoxy and polyurethane),
  • Protective coatings (Silane siloxane, acrylic resin, elastomeric acrylic, potable
  • Grade epoxy, pitch epoxy, water / solvent based PU),
  • Cementations / Epoxy concrete repair products,
  • Glass / Carbon fiber & laminate / Aramid systems for structural strengthening,
  • Concrete & Bitumen road repairing products.
  • Expansion joints pads (PE foam / Shalitex boards).

We are specialized in concrete admixtures, waterproofing, synthetic flooring & FRP systems for structural Retrofitting. We have capable and trained staff to manufacturing & supply good quality products with consistency. Also we have training department to train to all our product users.

Our promise to our customers is a simple one…. we will assist you in selecting a system, which best meets your requirement neither over specifying premium products nor over selling the benefits of simpler, more economical solutions.

Our goal remains to enter into a long-term partnership with our customers to ensure they get the most cost effective system to meet their needs, now and in the future.

We can offer the following systems in your esteemed projects

  • All type of Waterproofing.
  • All type of Protective coatings.
  • PU/ Acrylic spray applied membranes for waterproofing.
  • Polymer concrete for RCC jacketing & floorings.
  • FRP composite / laminate applications / RCC jacketing for structural strengthening.
  • Epoxy / PU Injection to Concrete.
  • Epoxy / PU Wall Finishing.
  • Wall to Wall / Wall to ceiling and Wall to floor epoxy covings.
  • Self leveling epoxy / PU flooring.
  • Chemical resistant Epoxy / PU floor topping.
  • Anti Static epoxy floorings.
  • Concrete/Bitumen road repairing (Cracks, potholes, etc.)
  • Potable grade epoxy coatings.

We trust you will find us suitable and look forward to long and mutually beneficial business association.